waiwai is an international architecture, landscape, and urban design office based in Dubai and Tokyo. 

The office is led by three partners, Wael Al Awar (Lebanon), Kenichi Teramoto (Japan), and Kazuma Yamao (Japan). Originally, the three worked together in Tokyo; in 2018, the three partners re-joined one another to combine their two offices into waiwai.
Dubai and Tokyo were specifically selected as office locations due to their cultural vibrance, with both offering a stimulating environment for arts, architecture, and historical tradition. Further, the two hub cities allow the team to cover a broader area within Asia and the Middle East, diversifying both their projects and experiences.

With the multicultural diversity of their base cities, principal architects, and international team, waiwai's array of cultural backgrounds communicate with one another through the process of architecture itself, using a clear, simple, and deliberate approach. The projects combine their individual design sensibilities into a layering of considerations, resulting in an architecture of natural light, time, structure, and landscape. By aligning with these natural "phenomena", waiwai seeks an architecture that is more than a man-made fabrication, but rather, an architecture open to adaptation and appropriation. The spaces that emerge from this approach encourage unexpected experiences, activities, and behaviours, while being resolved as site-specific provocations to their context.

waiwai は山雄和真とワイル アル アワー、寺本健一の3人のパートナーによる建築設計事務所です。




Wael Al Awar
Founding Partner/Principal Architect
Representative of Dubai office
Joined CAt (C+A Tokyo) in 2004
Established ibda design in 2009

ワイル アル アワル
American University of Beirut修了
2004年CAt(C+A Tokyo)入社
2008年ibda design 設立

Kenichi Teramoto
Founding Partner/Principal Architect
Dubai office
Joined CAt (C+A Tokyo) in 2002
Joined ibda design as partner in 2012

寺本 健一
2000年 ノイトリング・リーダイク(オランダ)
2002年CAt(C+A Tokyo)入社
2012年ibda design 参加

Kazuma Yamao
Founding Partner/Principal Architect
Representative of Tokyo office
Joined CAt (C+A Tokyo) in 2004
Established GINGRICH in 2012

山雄 和真
一級建築士 東京電機大学非常勤講師
京都大学工学部卒業 東京大学大学院修了